Sunday, May 26, 2024

[YouTube] Tyco G.I. Joe Electric Train

I abbreviated the name of the toy in the title because it's just a bit long: Tyco G.I. Joe Electric Train and Battle Set With Battleground Play Mat. Released in 1983, the train set has G.I. Joe branding but it doesn't feature any official characters or vehicles. It's a green-colored train with one engine and four cars, and one of the cars reads "Special Forces" on the side. There is a big G.I. Joe logo on the battleground play mat, Joe and Cobra parachutes, and G.I. Joe stickers for the train and plastic vehicles. Included with the train are a variety of generic plastic army men and vehicles (helicopter, boat, tanks, jeeps), green for Joes and blue for the enemy Cobra. Unfortunately, I don't have the box but I do have all the paperwork so there are scans of that and a Tyco catalog below. Also, I never applied the stickers.

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