Friday, November 24, 2023

EGM's 1993 Super NES Holiday Shopper's Guide

Every year around this time I try to post an old holiday catalog of some sort. A few times I've posted Electronics Boutique catalogs and I might still do that but the one I've scanned is more than 80 pages and I still need to edit each scan before I can post it. This Super NES shopper's guide from Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) magazine is much smaller allowing me to get it ready in a couple days. EGM polybagged this guide with an issue, something it did on occasion for things like this, as well as strategy booklets, posters, etc. Although I've posted the ads previously, I opted to include them here. From what I can tell, this guide is simply a list of games available for Christmas and doesn't actually take into account whether the games are good or not. I guess that's why it is a "shopper's guide" rather than a "buyer's guide."

I'm also considering scanning parts of a FAO Schwartz catalog but may wait until next year. Those tend to be 80+ pages too and not all of the products in it are interesting (like toddler toys) so if I do that I might just highlight some things. I wonder if people would want to watch a YouTube video of myself flipping through a catalog; would that be too boring? Let me know if that's something you'd want to see.

Sunday, November 12, 2023

Marvel Comics Super-Heroes Card Game

Milton Bradley released a few Marvel Comics-branded games during the '70s, such as The Incredible Hulk board game and this card game. Released in 1978, the Marvel Comics Super-Heroes Card Game features 19 hero cards and one villain, Doctor Doom. It's a simple matching game where players are dealt cards and then pick a new card each turn from the player on their right. The player to get rid of all their cards first wins but play continues until the last player is stuck with the Doom card and finishes in last place. Unfortunately, the box has remnants of a sticker and I don't have the instructions card but I do have all of the characters cards so you can enjoy the artwork.