Wednesday, April 12, 2017

1980 LEGO Assortment Guide

Considering that this catalog is 37 years old it's in decent shape. I still had to do a fair amount of editing though as it does have some stains on it, likely from spending part of its life in a basement. The staples are rusty too, there is some crinkling in the paper, and when scanning the paper yellows a bit so I raised the brightness and contrast to whiten the paper. The front cover had the most problems and my clean up messed up the shadows a bit. I wasn't sure if I should combine the pages that face one another but opted to leave each page as a single image.





I own a few of the products here and might have to try to reassemble them some time for the blog if I still have all the pieces. That said, I probably don't have too many of the manuals but they could be online somewhere. Mostly I had the town sets, some space, and a few castle. Those were the main three themes in the '80s though as you just saw there are no castle themed items in this catalog. Of course, today there is a much wider variety of sets with all of the licenses LEGO uses, such as Star Wars and Batman. Plus, a number of small sets featuring TV and movie licenses have popped up the past year and a half for the LEGO Dimensions video game.

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