Saturday, May 13, 2017

Gaming Ads: Acclaim (Multiple Brands), Balistic Software, and Ballistic

Before I put a cap on the "A" publishers I'm revisiting Acclaim. Acclaim had a few subsidiaries and brands, and some ads feature two or more of them. While I could have copied them to every publisher in each ad, I decided to place them in one grouped album. The publishers involved are Acclaim, Arena Entertainment, Flying Edge, and LJN. Arena was another we've already taken a look at and we'll see the other two in their own albums later.

Next are two very similarly named companies, one being a brand of another big publisher we've already seen. First is Balistic Software, a publisher I know nothing about beyond the single ad I've got that's of a role-playing game for the Commodore 64.

The other Ballistic was a publishing brand used by Accolade from 1991-1994 primarily to get around the licensing contract it had with Nintendo. Nintendo blocked most publishers that wanted to release games for the Nintendo Entertainment System from releasing games on competing platforms so some publishers simply created another publishing brand to do so (like the aforementioned Acclaim and Flying Edge). None of the Sega Genesis games from Ballistic carried Sega's official seal of approval which led to a legal battle between the two. Ballistic was dissolved shortly after that was resolved with future releases carrying only the Accolade name.

Acclaim brands albums: Facebook - Google Photos
Ballistic albums: Facebook - Google Photos

After leaving Flickr I opted to group publishers with a single ad in the same album so Balistic Software no longer has its own album but its one ad does appear on this page.

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