Saturday, December 22, 2018

Montgomery Ward Electric Ave. Catalog (January 1992)

I actually thought Montgomery Ward was no longer in business while I was scanning this catalog/advertisement. The department store was founded in 1872 and it was acquired by The Swiss Colony, Inc. in 2008. I'd not heard the name in quite some time yet it has a website and continues to sell a wide range of products. While it does carry video game related items, like plug 'n' play systems, it does not appear to carry video games any longer. This sale catalog was glued inside of a video game magazine though I cannot recall which one; when I was scanning ads a couple years ago I removed it to scan later. Some of the prices seem a bit on the high side, especially for a sale. This might have been for the 1991 holidays or a post-holiday sale as it ended in January 1992. I believe Electric Ave. is simply the name of the store's electronics department.

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