Saturday, May 25, 2019

Gaming Ads: Sofel and Software Simulations

Japan-based Sofel, which is short for Software Engineering Laboratory, was founded in 1979 and opened a U.S. branch in 1981. It is still in business today developing business software and RFID systems, and this is a company that doesn't hide its video game past. If you've read all of my gaming ad posts, or at least a portion of them, I've noted how some official websites of former video game companies make no mention of games on the corporate history pages. Sofel's website states that it published its first software for Nintendo as well as a program called Super Paint for Mac in 1987. The Nintendo release might be The Money Game for the Nintendo Entertainment System, though most sources put that in 1988 so I'm not sure. All of its games, whether as developer or publisher or both, were only available for Nintendo platforms with the last one being released in 1994.

Software Simulations was based in Stratford, Connecticut and appears to have specialized in sports simulations and educational software. The company name is rather generic and all of the information I can find is from the three ads I have. It was active in the late '80s and one ad states that it was a division of Munson Electronics.

Sofel albums: Facebook - Google Photos
Software Simulations albums: Facebook - Google Photos

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