Monday, August 23, 2021

Photoshoot: Mego Hulk vs. Mego Superman

I set up a mini battle between Mego die-cast action figures of Marvel Comics' The Incredible Hulk and D.C. Comics' Superman. Some of the photos came out good but it was tough to get them in good action poses without the scale looking too far off or just getting them to balance well enough. Hulk is 5.25" while Superman is 5.5" and he also has a broken thumb on his right hand.

You may recognize the background from my Colorforms post and video as I'm using The Amazing Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk Colorforms Play Set along with a couple LEGO street panels for the base. More information on the Mego figures can be found at the Mego Museum website. The colors vary between photos as I chose different settings when editing them.

Superman Arrives

Superman knocks Hulk down who then punches the wall in anger.

Superman should not have landed... Hulk smashes him into the wall! 
(I like the first photo but you can see the table as the background slid backwards.) 

Hulk puts Superman through the wall!

Superman takes the offensive!

An accidental image that kind of makes it look like they are moving...or it's just a terrible photo.

Hulk wins...

...or maybe Superman wins? Most likely the Man of Steel does prevail.

Time for our heroes to shake hands!

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