Saturday, September 17, 2022

[YouTube] 1990's Batman Action Figures (and 1995 Collecting Toys Article)

As noted in the previous post, Holy Bat-Toys!, it's Batman Day and I put these two posts, especially this one, together at the last moment (as in yesterday afternoon, evening, and early this morning). The video is simply a look at 36 action figures released by Kenner around the mid '90s. Since I'm keeping them sealed I could not do any interesting photo shoots and the rushed photos aren't my best work either, sorry! I sometimes put two or three toys in one photo to save time too. This post does have two somewhat unique aspects at least, one is an article scan from the June 1995 issue of Collecting Toys magazine that features a broad overview of Batman toy lines up until just before the release of Batman Forever. The other highlight is the bonus item shown at the end of the video, a photo of a retail store advertising piece that I cleaned up in editing.

Where Crime Pays (Collecting Toys - June 1995)

Batman: The Animated Series/Mask of the Phantasm/The Adventures of Batman and Robin

Legends of Batman

Legends of the Dark Knight

Batman Forever

Batman & Robin

Retail Store Advertisement
This is a Batman Forever poster board that hung from the ceiling at retail stores, directing customers to the official movie products. It's 27 inches wide and 35 inches long.

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