Saturday, March 18, 2023

Tetris-Related Ads

As noted in the first of three Tetris posts this week on Sunday, the Tetris film was debuting at a film festival this past Wednesday. This one is a compilation of ads, some of which I've already posted on the blog in the past under the publisher ad posts for Bullet-Proof Software, Nintendo, Spectrum Holobyte, and Tengen. They can also be found in said publishers' ad albums on Facebook and Google Photos, though one Game Boy ad below hasn't made it up anywhere else yet as it's a more recent acquisition that I need to add in a backfilling post. I'd assume not everyone visits the Facebook or Google sites though and because I wanted to have three Tetris posts this week, I'm putting all the ads from the various publishers I currently have that relate to Tetris, its sequels, and other puzzle games by Alexey Pajitnov all in one place. Some of the ads are for multiple games but if one of the Tetris games appears in it then I'm including it.

Bullet-Proof Software



Spectrum Holobyte



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