Sunday, April 16, 2023

[YouTube] WTXX-TV Channel 20 (1985/94)

This post is primarily myself reminiscing about my favorite television station as a kid: WTXX-TV Channel 20. Airing in Connecticut, WTXX featured the best cartoons with weekday mornings consisting of Masters of the Universe among others, and after school I was glued to the channel specifically for Transformers and G.I. Joe. During the blocks of cartoons known as "Kidstime Express," a human host along with a puppet, usually T.X. Critter but sometimes another, would introduce the upcoming episode in between each show. T.X. was created by puppeteer Paul Fusco who is best known for designing the character Alf. There was also a Sunday morning show called Kidstime hosted by Mike as seen in the 1985 flyer scan below. Sorry about the poor quality of these screencaps; my VHS tapes are not in great shape, likely because I reused them, copying over shows numerous times.

I mentioned WTXX once before on YouTube when I played the Intellivision game Sharp Shot because one of the mini-games was used for contests on the station that my sister took part in and won. The channel also aired a variety of syndicated shows like Star Trek: The Next Generation, as well as movies and some sports broadcasts, including the New York Mets, Boston Celtics, and Hartford Whalers. In 1995 WTXX became a UPN affiliate, which was best known for Star Trek: Voyager, and today Connecticut's channel 20 is a CW station.

This is the aforementioned 1985 flyer featuring the morning and afternoon cartoon lineups, plus the envelope I received it in:

Next is a 1994 contest form and jigsaw puzzle:

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