Tuesday, July 4, 2023

[YouTube] LEGO Big-Rig Truck Stop

LEGO's Big-Rig Truck Stop is a 586-piece set released in 1987 and rated for ages 7-12. It includes five mini-figures, three trucks, and two connected buildings on two road base plates. The two plates can sit side-by-side as one single road or they can be rotated to place the buildings back-to-back and the roads parallel to one another. My box has a Toys "R" Us price tag on it that indicates it cost $42.99. As I mention in the video, I had to cheat in a couple spots as I couldn't quite find all the pieces. I only point out one of the missing pieces which is on the back of the blue truck, while the other is the red roof on the large building. In the manual it appears as if that is all one piece but I had to use three pieces.

Set Views

Mini-Figures & Trucks

Close-ups & Scenes

Instruction Manual

Mini-Figure Truck Party

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