Saturday, March 4, 2017

Gaming Ads: American Game Cartridges & American Laser Games

There isn't a lot to say about American Game Cartridges and I only have one ad for them. It was a subsidiary of ShareData that remained open for just a few years and published four games. One ad features three games and mentions that Crossbow is coming soon but that game was never released. It appears that Crossbow was going to be based on Exidy's 1983 arcade game.

American Laser Games is best known for its arcade games from the early '90s, most of which are light gun shooters that use full motion video. Mad Dog McCree is likely the most recognizable of them while some others include Who Shot Johnny Rock?, Space Pirates, and Crime Patrol. The publisher also ported most of them to consoles and home computers that were equipped with CD-ROM drives. In 2000 Digital Leisure acquired all of American Laser Games' properties and released its games for DVD players. The DVD releases were compatible with any platform available at the time that could run DVDs, including home computers, Sony's PlayStation 2, and Microsoft's Xbox.

American Game Cartridges albums: Facebook - Google Photos
American Laser Games albums: Facebook - Google Photos

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