Saturday, January 6, 2018

Gaming Ads: GoldStar and Greer & Associates

Founded in 1958 in South Korea, GoldStar changed its name to LG in 1995 and is still in business today making a variety of electronics and appliances. In the gaming industry GoldStar was one of the companies that manufactured 3DO game consoles. The 3DO Company designed the console but didn't produce it, instead it licensed the platform to others such as Panasonic and GoldStar. One of the three ads I currently have displays both the GoldStar and LG names as the company name change took place the year after GoldStar began making the 3DO.

Greer & Associates was based in California and made at least one game accessory. It's likely Greer didn't do too much else as I cannot locate any information on the company and it's certainly not the insurance company in Texas that shares the same name. All four of the ads I've got are for the same product which is a light device for the original Game Boy called The Illuminator.

GoldStar albums: Facebook - Google Photos
Greer & Associates albums: Facebook - Google Photos

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