Saturday, January 20, 2018

Gaming Ads: GTE Entertainment and Backfilling #1

GTE Entertainment was a computer game publisher based in California during the mid-'90s. It was a division of GTE Vantage which itself was a subsidiary of the telecommunications company GTE Corporation. GTE Vantage also had a development branch originally known as GTE ImagiTrek before being renamed to GTE Interactive Media.

This week I'm also going to be filling in some more ads on publishers I've previously posted about. These can easily be seen by checking out the Flickr "Camera Roll" section on this date. I'll list the items being added here as well: 3DO (1), Acclaim (5), Accolade (4), ActionSoft (2), Activision (1), Atari (4), and Avalon Hill (2).

GTE Entertainment albums: Facebook - Google Photos

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