Thursday, March 29, 2018

It's Time for Some Hardball!

Cobra Commander
wouldn't play ball!
This will be the 5th and final baseball related post this week as today is opening day for the 2018 Major League Baseball season. While I wanted to make a video of talking baseball cards (from LJN and Topps), I failed to repair the device so I'm spotlighting the G.I. Joe action figure Hardball instead -- I needed more G.I. Joe posts anyways! Released in 1988, the file card for Hardball reveals his name to be Wilmer S. Duggleby who was born in Cooperstown, New York, home of baseball's hall of fame. He played five seasons of minor league baseball as a center fielder before calling it quits and joining the Joes. There is also a very slight connection to video games with Hardball as Hasbro recolored and reused the character's chest and arms for the M. Bison action figure in the G.I. Joe Street Fighter toy line.

Unfortunately, I cut out the UPC;
 probably for a mail-in offer.
Hardball's file card.

I'm not too sure how entertaining these photos are as I had to do most of this last minute. I've wanted to get into taking more photos of toys mixed with real-life or humorous types of settings, though these are just quick shots in my usual spot. The first batch features an old dart board that has a baseball theme on the back of it. I just realized I put the weapon in his left hand for these photos; I didn't do that on purpose and it probably would have made more sense in his right hand (just pretend he's a switch hitter).

Next is a bubble gum battle with Tomax and Xamot! I should have done different poses but they're mostly just different angles of the same set-up. Believe it or not, the gum is actually from old packs of Topps baseball cards; most likely from 1989-91.




Finally, Hardball visits a couple MLB stadiums.

Lifting Bank One Ballpark's roof. This is the Diamondback's
stadium that is now called Chase Field.

Center fielder for the New York Yankees (at the old stadium).

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