Friday, March 23, 2018

Year 2: March Update

It's almost baseball season!
I posted the last update in early February and now March is nearing an end so it has been a while. Of course, more electronics have failed me which is a reoccurring theme here. One is another older item, not exactly a toy but something I had hoped to base a video on for the start of the Major League Baseball season on the 29th. A grounding wire inside of the device did detach but my soldering skills are painfully bad and I've not been able to reattach it (can't be certain that would even be enough to fix it). Also, when I first opened it I found that I left batteries in it that expired in 1993 so there was a lovely gift inside to clean up. Obviously I had not tried to turn it on in quite some time.

The other item that broke is only eight months old and that is my PlayStation 4. It was only the hard drive though so I didn't need to repair it exactly, just had to reinitialize it from safe mode but of course my save files were not backed up. Unfortunately, you have to subscribe to PlayStation Plus in order to use the cloud back-up service whereas Microsoft offers that to all of its Xbox One users. It is possible to back things up on a flash drive though I did not think I needed to. Due to my frustration I stopped playing games for a while as I let it sit in the non-working condition for about three weeks before erasing all of my game saves.

Other than the usual posts and videos, I've not been up to much. I did take apart both of my Sega Genesis arcade sticks to see if I could do anything to make them work better. Not sure if that was successful as I've not tested them but I did find the older one could use replacement parts under the buttons since they are damaged.

Sega Genesis Arcade Stick 
Sega Genesis 6-button Arcade Stick

I do continue to scan non-gaming magazines and sometimes find game ads. Mostly I'm trying to sort through stuff to get rid of and figured I should scan most of the ads, gaming or not, before I toss them. I've also started scanning and photographing some G.I. Joe items for It's a nice site that aims to preserve the art of G.I. Joe and has fully rotating images of the toys. While I've mentioned a few times that's my favorite toy line, I have yet to actually do a video of any G.I. Joe things. There are some great videos out there of the toys already that I couldn't hope to even come close to matching on my own so I'm not sure what to do with the toys. A large setup might be the only interesting thing I could put together but I do have one video idea for a tie-in product. 

The last couple ad updates haven't been too interesting but there are some good publishers coming up soon and a little backfilling too on some popular companies. Thanks for reading!


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