Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Marvel + Hostess = Superhero Sweetness

As I mentioned in the monthly update, to sort of tie in with the release of the new Avengers film this week I was going to try and scan a few Hostess ads featuring characters from Marvel Comics, and I ended up with more than a few as I found six more for a total of 10. They're a fun read as each ad is designed to look like a page from a comic book. The copyrights range from 1975-1981 and in most of them are ads for Fruit Pies or Twinkies, though one has Cupcakes. A couple of them are from the backs of comic book covers which is nicer paper so they scanned better than the others that were on the lesser paper from the interiors so there is some yellowing going on despite my edits. I'll ad these to the Vault 1541 Facebook page as well if you'd like to share them from there. Enjoy!

6/4/18 UPDATE: I found another Marvel Hostess ad and I also learned that Hostess made similar ads featuring DC Comics characters so I'll have to see I have any of those some time.

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