Saturday, April 7, 2018

Gaming Ads: IVI Publishing and Backfilling #2

Based in Minnesota, IVI Publishing was founded in 1990 as Interactive Television and in 1991 the company name was changed to Interactive Ventures, Inc. (hence the IVI) before it was IVI Publishing. It was the home software publisher for the Mayo Clinic with its first release being an electronic version of the Mayo Clinic Family Health Book on CD-ROM. IVI released a variety of educational software products, including both reference materials for adults and games for kids.

I've only got two ads for IVI and since it falls alphabetically between Irem and Jaleco, two companies I wanted to give exclusive weeks to, I decided to pair IVI with another round of backfilling. These can easily be seen by checking out the Flickr "Camera Roll" section on this date. Here are the publishers being updated: Aura Systems (1), Bethesda Softworks (2), Blizzard Entertainment (2), CH Products (1), and Commodore (2).

IVI Publishing albums: Facebook - Google Photos

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