Sunday, June 24, 2018

Year 2: June Update

Battletoads Trading Card
The big story this month was of course E3 and it was a solid show. While many of the expected games were on display, I didn't fair too well on predictions aside from Battletoads. Sony stuck to trailers without discussion and so skipped unveiling the PlayStation Hits but did announce them last week. Unfortunately, Firaxis was quiet as was its owner Take-Two Interactive. With all of the release dates made official October is going to be the busiest month for myself. The end of the year is always overloaded with too many games while the summer months tend to be lacking.

Today I finished a game of State of Decay 2 which I'd say is more of an upgrade than a full sequel to the first one. This past month I also finished Detroit: Become Human; it reminds me of the show Humans (I've only seen the first season though). I have played a fair amount of Star Wars: Battlefront II multiplayer the past few weeks as well. My nephew loves it and that is the only reason I'm playing because the multiplayer is the type I do not enjoy. Like the modern Call of Duty games, it's fast-paced and I don't survive for very long. I'd probably fair better with a mouse and keyboard, and I do wonder if some of the players I encounter are using that instead of a gamepad. I did try LEGO The Incredibles too and while I didn't get far, it seems like a good family game as the LEGO games usually or always are. I was surprised to find that after the opening tutorial level the game has an open world city setting with small quests littered about. Unfortunately, local split-screen is the only multiplayer option.

LEGO The Incredibles

Since I'll be playing a lot of games later in the year I'm thinking I should start prepping a few blog posts now that I'm hoping to have done before the end of the year. One is for the 20th anniversary of the Tribes series and the other would involve Sega. I want to do a week of Sega-related content when I reach its ads; I have so many ads I'm thinking of spreading them out over a few days while I also write one or two original posts. Updating the YouTube channel continues to be slow as it's a big time commitment. I'd like to do a LEGO video soon but that may require some building and finding all of the pieces of what I want to show might not be possible. The items could still be together though, I just won't know until I dig them out of the basement. I've still not got the Commodore 64 repaired or replaced either which is a problem.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the summer!


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