Saturday, October 13, 2018

Gaming Ads: New World Computing and Nexoft

New World Computing (NWC) was founded by Mark Caldwell, Jon Van Caneghem, and his wife Michaela in 1984. Based in California, NWC is best known for the Might and Magic series of role-playing games that began in 1986 and its 1995 strategy spin-off Heroes of Might and Magic. The 3DO Company acquired NWC in 1996 and it continued to publish games as a division of its new parent company. However, as The 3DO Company began struggling financially it laid off a significant number of staff at NWC in 2002 and ceased to exist in 2003. Ubisoft purchased the rights to the Might and Magic series shortly before the closure.

Nexoft was a subsidiary of ASCII Corporation thatwas founded in 1989 in Cypress, CA and first released accessories for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) while only publishing a handful of games from 1989 to 1991 for the NES and Game Boy. Nexoft and ASCII Entertainment were merged in 1991 to form ASCII Consumer Products with the Nexoft location handling sales and distribution.

New World Computing albums: Facebook - Google Photos
Nexoft albums: Facebook - Google Photos

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