Saturday, October 27, 2018

Gaming Ads: NovaLogic and NTVIC

Founded in 1985 and based in California, NovaLogic was a developer and publisher of computer games and in the mid-'90s it expanded into console games. The company first focused on porting arcade games to home computers but would become best known for its military simulations, such as Armored Fist, Comanche: Maximum Overkill, F-22 Lightning II, F-22 Raptor, and Delta Force. Released in 1998, Delta Force is a first-person squad-based shooter that features a single-player campaign and online combat for up to 32 players. That game's popularity spawned a number of sequels and spin-offs, and NovaLogic didn't release too many games outside of that series in the 2000s. NovaLogic is no longer in business but its website is still accessible; the last press release is from 2010 and the last update was posted in 2016 regarding THQ Nordic's acquisition of all NovaLogic assets.

I'm going to prefix this by stating I'm not 100% certain I have the NTVIC information correct as the company and its subsidiaries that are still in business today make no mention of video games on the corporate history web pages. However, I believe this video game publisher was/is a division of Nippon Television Network Corporation which was founded in 1952. Based in Japan, NTV International Corporation, or NTVIC, established a New York office in 1986 and published six video games for Nintendo platforms (NES, SNES, Game Boy). In some of NTVIC's ads you'll see the company name Vap, another subsidiary of Nippon TV.

NovaLogic albums: Facebook - Google Photos
NTVIC albums: Facebook - Google Photos

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