Saturday, November 24, 2018

Gaming Ads: Origin Systems

Origin Systems was founded in 1983 by Richard Garriott and his brother Robert, their father Owen, and Chuck Bueche. Of course, Richard Garriott is quite famous in the world of computer games having created Alkabeth (1979), one of the earliest commercial role-playing games, and then the Ultima series that began in 1981. There are nine main entries in the Ultima series, plus spin-offs, including the very successful Ultima Online that launched in 1997. The space combat simulation Wing Commander is the company's other big series with more than a dozen main entries and expansion packs released in the '90s.

Electronic Arts (EA) acquired Origin Systems in 1992 and the developer would expand quite a bit in the mid-'90s. However, following the success of Ultima Online and the poor sales of Ultima IX, EA canceled a number of projects and shifted the studios' focus toward online only games. Richard Garriott left soon after and Origin Systems, simply referred to as Origin by this time, floundered under EA, eventually disbanding in 2004. The Origin name is still in use but not as a development studio, it is instead the name of EA's online game store and service for launching all of its games.

Origin Systems albums: Facebook - Google Photos

(2021 Update: I left the below text in but I've since had to move ads to Facebook in 2019 and then uploaded them to Google Photos in 2021.)

This might be the last ad update this year as I look for a new location to host the ads and then upload them all again. I wrote to Flickr looking for a compromise since my images are small but I never heard back and I don't expect its new policy is going to change in any way. I'd rather not move them and probably cannot find something better; I just can't put more money into this project that is only for fun at this time (and probably forever). This is a good temporary stopping point as it is the end of the "O" publishers and Panasonic will be up next when I continue.  

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