Saturday, November 3, 2018

Gaming Ads: Nuby and Backfilling #5

This week will be a small update with only hardware ads. There is not a lot of specific information available on Nuby. From what I can gather from the ads and the Nuby Game Boy case I own, it was a division of Curtis Manufacturing which was based in New Hampshire. It made video game accessories during the '90s with a strong focus on portable gaming, specifically Nintendo's Game Boy.

For backfilling I'm adding four game controller ads to Acclaim, Bondwell, and Epyx.

Unfortunately, as I posted my images at Flickr today I was greeted with the announcement that it will now cost $49.99/year for accounts that contain over 1,000 images. I chose Flickr because Google didn't have everything I wanted and I like Flickr's presentation. There are also far too many images to jam into the blog so I'll probably have to move them eventually. Paying one or two times is okay but I want to keep these online for a long time and would rather not spend hundreds of dollars, especially on something so few people are viewing. I'll write more on the subject during the next blog update.

Nuby albums: Facebook - Google Photos

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