Saturday, July 20, 2019

Gaming Ads: STD Entertainment/Interact Accessories

STD Entertainment was based in Hunt Valley, Maryland and, possibly due to its unfortunate acronym, eventually changed its name to InterAct. I'm not sure what STD was short for but it appears to have been founded in 1991, made the name change in 1994, merged with Recoton in 1995, and went out of business in 2001. One ad also features the Performance name which must have been a brand of InterAct or its parent company Recoton. Quality Joysticks and Joyplus are other STD brands too. The company made a variety of controllers though it might be best known for its products that manipulated games or save files.

As STD the company released the Game Action Replay and as InterAct it made the GameShark. It refers to the products as video game enhancers which basically means you can us them to manipulate a game. Depending on the game and the device, users can make a character invincible, give them unlimited ammunition, jump to a specific level, or something else along those lines. Another one of its accessories is the DexDrive that can transfer N64 and PlayStation game saves to a computer to back them up or send them to a friend.

STD Entertainment/Interact Accessories albums: Facebook - Google Photos

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