Saturday, August 17, 2019

Gaming Ads: Synergy Interactive, T&E Soft of America, and Backfilling #10

Synergy was a Japanese developer and publisher with a U.S. publishing branch based in Los Angeles known as Synergy Interactive. I cannot locate any other details about this one; from what I can gather it released less than 10 games, all during the '90s and all for either home computers or the 3DO console.

The T&E in T&E Soft are the first initials of the two brothers that started the company: Toshirou and Eiji Yokoyama. Founded in 1982, it released many games in Japan on a variety of platforms and continued to develop games up to 2002 when it was renamed D Wonderland. I'm not entirely sure what D Wonderland does but it is not involved in games. T&E Soft of America published two golf games in North American during the early '90s and nothing else.

Between Synergy and T&E I've only got five ads so I'm doing some backfilling for Nintendo of America this week as well. When I posted about Nintendo I mentioned it didn't seem to advertise heavily in early game magazines and when researching Game Boy more recently found that it did put most of its marketing budget into television and Nintendo Power. These five new ads I've got came from ESPN the Magazine and are Game Boy-centric.

Synergy Interactive albums: Facebook - Google Photos
T&E Soft of America albums: Facebook - Google Photos

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