Sunday, May 24, 2020

[YouTube] Hot Wheels Action Command Sto & Go Base

Released in 1984, the Hot Wheels Action Command Sto & Go Base from Mattel is reminiscent of 1979's Hot Wheels Service Center Foldaway Garage (aka Service Center Sto & Go Set). Both are the same size with the same ramp, elevator, and vehicle bays. However, the Action Command lacks the garage doors, rotating wheel bars of the "Dynamometer," car wash, gas pump, and bell of the Service Center. Instead the military-themed Action Command includes 12 plastic army men, sand bags, guns, gas can clusters, barrels, platform to knock over, and a flag. I mention in the video that I was unsure of the pricing but then recalled there was a Read's price tag stating $29.50. My thought is Read's would be a bit higher in price than something like Kmart and I should have spent more time preparing as I somehow missed the Bradlees price tag on Combat Command listing it at $14.88.

While I find the lighter colors and background stickers of the Service Center more appealing, the Action Command does have more, well, action. Kids can play with the army men and send their vehicles ramming into the platform that is meant to be placed at the bottom of the ramp. For myself, it tends to feel more like playing with army men rather than a die-cast car set. The army men are not to scale either, as they tower over the Hot Wheels, two of which are included: Big Bertha tank and Roll Patrol jeep.

For another comparison I have a generic set called Play 'N Carry Combat Command by Durham Industries. Clearly made from cheaper plastic, the Combat Command does not feel sturdy but it does have a larger area for vehicles. It also has the identical type of army men but in a different shade of green. As long as owners supply their own die-cast cars to replace the flimsy plastic ones, this set really isn't too bad despite the inferior quality of the build. When I say the plastic is cheaper what I'm implying is it would break easily. For example, if you were to drop it on a carpeted floor there is a good chance it would develop a crack whereas I believe the sturdy Hot Wheels set would be fine.

In the last photo below that has many vehicles only four of them are Hot Wheels. The one on the top back is a generic brand and the rest are from Matchbox. There are also a few attempts at action shots with both the jeep and tank smashing into the barrel platform.

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