Saturday, June 27, 2020

Gaming Ads: Handheld Electronics

This is a little different than the other ad posts as it is about individual handheld games rather than ads for console and computer games. These are the very basic liquid crystal display (LCD) types of games that Tiger Electronics is best known for. However, other companies got in on the action in the '90s and beyond as well, including video game companies Acclaim and Konami. Of course, Nintendo has them all beat with its Game & Watch series that started way back in 1980. I currently only have 12 ads but I thought it worth creating a separate album for them rather than lumping them in with toys in the Facebook albums. Personally I don't own any of the games featured in the ads and if I recall correctly, I only have one game from Tiger Electronics which is simply titled Baseball.

Handheld Electronics albums: Facebook - Google Photos

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