Saturday, August 15, 2020

Air Raiders Catalog

 Air Raiders is a toy line from Hasbro that released in 1987 with no cartoon tie-in. I'm not entirely sure where I got the catalog from as I don't own any of the toys. My familiarity with Air Raiders beyond this catalog would be from the many commercials that aired around its launch and the first issue of the comic book mini-series from Star Comics. I've uploaded a commercial to the Vault 1541 YouTube channel in the past and I might have a few more as the toys were heavily advertised during the airing of G.I. Joe: The Movie which I had recorded. Standing at two inches tall the action figures are actually smaller than M.A.S.K. characters and that's quite small. Of course, being small allows them to have some sizable vehicles and that's where the main focus of the toys is. The larger vehicles feature air-powered missile launchers and there is a sizable "Air Refinery" playset that includes 10 action figures.

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