Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Compute's Gazette for C64/128 Users: 89's Best Games

This is the first article I've scanned from Compute's Gazette as I don't have too many issues. It is fairly short and the last two pages don't have much color because that's how it was printed in the magazine. I may have stated previously that 1989 is a great year in gaming, certainly one of my favorites as that's when the Sega Genesis released in North America, as did the Game Boy and quite a few great games. Of course, being a Commodore magazine this best of list is all C64 games. From what I've played of Compute's Gazette's choices, my favorites include Kings of the Beach, Omni-Play Basketball, SimCity (FYI: Will Wright is 61 today), and Curse of the Azure Bonds (I played the DOS version rather than C64). At some point I'll definitely do a "Let's Play" video for SimCity as long as the disk still works. Commodore's version is limited compared to the features found on other platforms but I still had a lot of fun with it.

Actually, I've only played one other game here and it's an odd one to include. Sharing the spotlight with Curse of the Azure Bonds is Hillsfar, a game that disappointed me quite a bit when I was younger. It's a companion to the excellent Advanced Dungeons & Dragons "Gold Box" games from SSI of which Curse of the Azure Bonds is a part of. You basically import and export characters from the role-playing titles to gain some extra experience. If I recall correctly, there are four activities: ride a horse (side-scrolling action), rob homes (overhead view), shoot archery targets (move a crosshair), and fight in an arena (stand in place blocking and attacking). 

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