Sunday, March 14, 2021

1990 Electronic Arts Distribution Catalog

This is the complete 1990 Fall - Winter 1991 catalog from Electronic Arts Distribution. Being a distribution catalog, it doesn't only feature games published by Electronic Arts (EA). As indicated on the first page, EA worked with numerous publishers, such as Sega, Ubisoft, Parker Brothers, Ocean, Lucasfilm, and many others (company abbreviations legend is at the bottom of about every other page). Admittedly though, it's not the most exciting catalog to view due to it having very little color and not many box images. There are some colored screenshots in the middle and a few small photographs, including one of Michael Jordan. 

Those symbols next to a title are indicating the platforms it is available on (shown on the top bar): Triangle = IBM and compatible, Circle = Commodore 64/128, Square = Atari ST, Diamond = Apple IIc/IIe/II+, Heart = Apple IIGS, Star = Amiga, Plus = Macintosh, and Circle/Star = Atari 8-bit. You may have noticed the platforms are all computers and while there is a mention of the NES and Sega Genesis in the catalog, the reason this is all computer software is because Electronic Arts wasn't involved in the console game market until 1990.

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