Friday, October 1, 2021

The Tokyo Toy Show: The Games of 1991 (Electronic Gaming Monthly #14)

January 2022 UPDATE: I'm getting a bit unorganized here and I just found that I posted these scans twice. It's not just a repost as I did scan all the pages a second time without reazling I had already posted the same thing in 2018. I'll leave them both up but if you already saw the old post there is no reason to read this one too. Sorry!

This 10-page article is actually about the 1990 Tokyo Toy Show but as it states, the games were often released in Japan first back then so Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) is assuming the games it is writing about here would appear in the U.S. in 1991. Before the annual Tokyo Game Show which began in 1996, videogames appeared at this toy show and since the scans are from a video game magazine, there aren't any toys being shown, unfortunately. I'm posting this now as the 2021 Tokyo Game Show kicked off yesterday, and like E3, it is an all digital event this year.

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