Friday, November 26, 2021

1989 Electronics Boutique Holiday Catalog

It's already been four years since I last posted an Electronics Boutique (EB) catalog on the biggest shopping day of the year. Like the 1991 winter catalog, I can't actually find a year on this one but based on the new games in it I'd say it is definitely 1989. I've mentioned in one or two other posts that I consider 1989 to be one of the best years in gaming as that year saw both the Nintendo Game Boy and Sega Genesis debut in the U.S., and SimCity released as well. Unfortunately, despite a mention of the Genesis and handheld games on the first page, none of those console games are actually shown here. The catalog is predominantly computer software, plus there are a few pages of Nintendo Entertainment System games. Also, the last two pages are torn as Electronics Boutique often had a coupon on the back that I'd clip or, in this case, tear out.

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