Sunday, November 14, 2021

[YouTube] Ghostbusters

With the new Ghostbusters movie upon us I've scanned old magazine coverage of console video games based on the 1989 movie and the sequel. There are a number of other games based on the franchise, including another in the '80s and '90s based on the cartoon The Real Ghostbusters, 2009's Ghostbusters: The Video Game which features an original story set after the second movie, and an overhead shooter that released alongside the 2016 film. I've played a fair amount of the Master System game which is more or less the same game that appears on many platforms and follows the first movie's story. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any articles on that one but you can watch me play it in the video above. I don't own the Genesis game but did rent back when it was new and most of the scans below are of this game. It was published by Sega and exclusive to the platform, and has a story set after the first movie. Although the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) game appears to be below average, overall the Ghostbusters games tend to be decent to good, something most older movie tie-in games are not. Also worth noting, the NES game is called Ghostbusters II but is based on the first film whereas the Game Boy game is actually based on the second movie. 

Nintendo Entertainment System

Video Games & Computer Entertainment (VG&CE)
May 1990
Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) #10

Game Boy

Game Player's - October 1990

Sega Genesis

GamePro - June 1990
Sega Visions - Oct/Nov 1990

VG&CE - June 1990
Mega Play

Electronic Gaming Monthly #11
Electronic Gaming Monthly #11

Game Player's - July 1990

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