Saturday, December 25, 2021

Year 5: December Update

It's Christmas today: Merry Christmas! I had hoped to get this month's update posted yesterday but I had a fever and couldn't get myself to do much. Lately I've mostly been playing Everybody's Golf and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The PlayStation 4 golf game is four years old and part of the Hot Shots Golf series. I did post about it in 2017 but recently got back into it. I've only had Animal Crossing a week and while there is more to it than the original on GameCube (the only one I played a lot of), it hasn't exactly changed too much. It seems like most of the fish are the same, there are still fossils to dig up and bugs to catch, all the same fruits, and Tom Nook needs to be paid back for more than one loan.

The video game awards took place earlier this month. I'm not interested in awards shows as it doesn't matter to me who wins but this show is more about trailers and unveiling new games than the awards. If you like Star Wars, Star Trek, and The Expanse sci-fi movies/shows, those all have adventure games in development. Some other announcements included a Sonic the Hedgehog "open-zone" game called Sonic Frontiers and a Wonder Woman game being developed by Monolith. There doesn't seem to be official screenshots for most of these yet so I grabbed some images from the Star Trek and Sonic trailers.

Something you may have noticed is I turned web ads back on (briefly tried them once before) but only a single one on the bottom of the sidebar so they shouldn't be obtrusive. My only concern is trying to keep off non-family friendly ads as I did notice an ad for an M-rated game appear. The reason I turned them on is that the blog is connected to my Adsense account as if it is the primary business linked and Google kept giving me warnings that I'd have to resubmit an application if I didn't have them on. If it was just this blog on the account that would be okay since it won't make any money, though I also have YouTube connected to the account and my Video Games 2020 channel does generate a little revenue. Basically, I wasn't sure if not turning on the ads here would somehow have a negative effect on the whole account so rather than risk it I turned them on.

Thanks for reading and happy holidays!


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