Saturday, January 1, 2022

Gaming Ads: Backfilling #15

I'm kicking off the new year by filling in some more game ads. I've not posted any new ones since last March as I've not been able to go through too many more magazines (don't have many remaining at this point) or comic books. I'm also giving American Game Cartridges (AGC) its own album now which it originally had with one ad on Flickr but then I opted to only give albums to companies with more than one ad which it now has. The Chiller ad says ShareData but AGC was a subsidiary of ShareData and the publisher of that game. For the backfilling there is a good mix, including California Dreams, Irem America, Konami of America, Nintendo of America, Sega of America, Taxan USA, and U.S. Gold. Happy New Year!

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