Sunday, January 30, 2022

History of Sega (Sega Visions February/March 1993)

This is a very brief article from the February/March 1993 issue of Sega Visions magazine that summarizes the history of Sega in a few paragraphs. It doesn't exactly tie into last week's news but that's the reason I decided to scan this quick article with great images of old Sega arcade games. The story I'm referring to is that Sega Sammy announced it was selling off its remaining arcade centers in Japan to Genda. It's still going to make arcade games; what's being sold are the actual arcade locations it ran as business has tanked during the pandemic. This is likely not a big deal to most people, especially outside of Japan, though I find it disappointing as I hope to one day visit Japan and there probably won't be much to see in regards to Sega. Years ago it left its original headquarters and moved to a new building, and now there won't be any Sega-branded arcades to go to that I assume carried Sega-branded merchandise, likely in the UFO Catcher skill games. Maybe it seems silly to care as it's just a name/logo change on the exterior of buildings but I really would have liked to see that Sega logo above an arcade entrance and stand outside the old Sega HQ. As I've posted about Sega numerous times over the past five years, the company and its games were an important part of my childhood.

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