Sunday, January 1, 2023

Year 7: January Update

A popular new year's resolution
is to shape up! Yo Joe!
Last year was a rather slow year and even though I didn't expect to do a lot here, I had hoped to post more than I did. Most months only had 2-3 posts and it's been months since I recorded a video. I'd wanted to get a video of Golden Axe done which I didn't do but I did finally cover SimCity. I've no idea what 2023 has in store for the blog or my personal life which I rarely mention here outside of talking about the past. One thing I did change recently was my Instagram account. Originally I created it for the blog, however, that was when I didn't own a smartphone and it was impossible to add photos via a computer. Two years ago I got my first smartphone and now you can post on Instagram using a computer but I decided I wasn't likely to post much there related to the blog so I converted it to a personal account. I briefly put it on private and removed the people I didn't know which I shouldn't have done, sorry about that! It was maybe three people as the majority of the very few followers I have are family. Feel free to follow again even though I probably won't post about the blog often and my life isn't very interesting: sutyak75.

When I was in Canada a few weeks ago I was a bit bored in between the curling matches I went to see and I decided to start following some of the athletes and write about that event which is why I suddenly started using the Instagram account again. Facebook is still my primary social media account as it is the easiest for keeping up with family (I don't live close to any of them, unfortunately) and there is still a blog-related Facebook page. Social media is something I'm not great with so I've never promoted the blog very well. The Twitter account never gained traction either and that platform declined quite rapidly last year. Since I don't have a lot to say today, let's take a look at a few all-time blog statistics. There is really only one stat I find interesting which is where the views come from but I'll start with the lesser stats: the browser and operating systems people use, and how they reached the blog. It's not surprising that Chrome and Windows are at the top which is what I use when working on the blog. Google and then Blogger (this website) are the top two referrers, also to be expected. YouTube is third and rather small so I guess people generally don't click on the blog links in the video descriptions which is too bad because I feel like the blog posts are better than the videos. 

The pageviews by country is unusual as France is by far the leader, more than tripling second place United States. I'm not sure why that is and I don't see a way to access which posts are being viewed most by each country. Maybe it has to do with the game ads about some popular French companies? I'd have expected Japan to have more than a few hundred views seeing as how I primarily post about video games, especially Sega, and have some posts about Transformers toys, as well as Japan-based Tomy. Following France and the U.S. are Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, Canada, and Sweden as the only countries with more than 10,000 views. Obviously, the blog isn't exactly popular as I'm under 400,000 total pageviews after six years.

Thanks for visiting, especially the people of France for providing a third of my pageviews! Before I go how about some "Sentence Nonsense" from Tomy to kick off 2023:

Happy New Year!


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