Thursday, May 4, 2023

[YouTube] Kenner's Ewok Village Playset & Accessories (1983)

It's May 4th and the final Star Wars post this week is for Kenner's Ewok Village Playset. While it didn't include any action figures, it's a nice playset and one of the larger ones for Kenner's original Star Wars line, perhaps only outdone by the towering Death Star. The village could have used a bit more standing room as Kenner squeezed a lot in here. There are three trees holding the main platform that features railings, a campfire with spit, and drum. One tree has a hut inside of it and another has a chute that action figures can drop down. Around the exterior are an elevator and swinging boulder, along with a net trap underneath. Shown in the video are two additional Ewok accessories: the Assault Catapult and Combat Glider. Kenner made an Ewok Battle Wagon for its "Power of the Force" series but I do not own that one. Although I didn't include the Rebel Commando action figure in the video, he can be seen in an outdoor photo below and I scanned his packaging along with many of the other Return of the Jedi characters. I put together an Ewok cheat sheet to help with the names too, though I'm missing Paploo's card so I made a name tag for him.

Ewok Village Playset

Assault Catapult & Combat Glider

Action Figures

Outdoor Photos

May the Force (4th) Be With You

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