Friday, May 26, 2023

The Little Mermaid: Capcom & Sega Games

There is a live-action version of Disney's The Little Mermaid in theaters today so I scanned a few magazine articles from 1991-93 relating to some of the games based on the animated film. I couldn't find as much coverage as I would have liked though there are gaps in my magazine libraries. Perhaps magazines also didn't want to dedicate too much space to four different games based on the same movie. For Capcom's games, I've got reviews from Video Games & Computer Entertainment (April 1991) and GamePro (August 1991) of the Nintendo Entertainment System title, plus a Game Boy game preview from Video Games & Computer Entertainment (January 1993). The only coverage of Sega's Genesis and Game Gear games comes from the February/March and April/May 1991 issues of Sega Visions which is Sega's own magazine. Sega was, of course, promoting its games and the "reviews" don't voice too much opinion other than to say that you should play them. I've not played any of these myself but based on the reviews I get the impression that most are decent, if not too easy for experienced players. The first review fell onto a second page that I edited onto the end of the first page and the page with the Game Boy preview features a preview of Viewpoint for the Neo Geo as well. 

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