Monday, October 30, 2023

[YouTube] Richard Scarry's Build and Play World of Puzzletown: Dr. Lion's Medical Center

This is a look one of the five sets in Playskool's Build and Play World of Puzzletown toys that are based on children's books from author Richard Scarry. Released in 1976, Dr; Lion's Medical Center is Set A while the other four sets are Huckle Cat's Family Cottage, Farmer Alfalfa's Farm, Mayor Fox's Town Center, and Lowly Worm's Rail & Roadway. There are no definitive ways to build a set with pictures on the box and an included one-sheet manual offering suggestions but ultimately children can create whatever they wish. Of course, more options become available when playing with more sets and they can all be connected together. Sets come with base plates that hold various cardboard walls and other parts, roof pieces that can double as additional base plates, anthropomorphic animal figurines, and vehicles.

Dr. Lion's Medical Center includes Dr. Lion, Nurse Nellie, and Flossie, an ambulance, two base plates, two ramps, eight roof parts, and a variety of pieces that easily slide into the base plates. The characters are not poseable though Dr. Lion's head does turn and maybe the others are supposed to but mine don't seem to. I'm missing one roof piece and I did some editing on the box image to remove my sister's name which you can see in video. My box also has a price tag indicating it only cost $2.99 which is quite low and perhaps not the original price.

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