Sunday, June 5, 2022

[YouTube] The Incredible Hulk Stuff ('70s/'80s)

It's another comic book hero "stuff" post because I don't know how else to title these. I did something similar with Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman previously and have covered some Marvel Comics items in specific product categories, as well as a Spider-Man die-cast set. There are two things here that overlap from previous videos/posts, including Hot Wheels cars, one that appeared in the aforementioned Spider-Man video and both can be seen in the die-cast collection video. There is also a Colorforms set that is shown in both the Colorforms video and a photo blog post that includes the Mego Hulk toy as seen below. The Incredible Hulk is one of the most recognizable comic book characters and perhaps the second most promoted Marvel character in the '70s and early '80s just behind Spider-Man. Outside of comic books and toys, the character also had its own television show that debuted in 1977 starring Bill Bixby (Dr. Banner) and Lou Ferrigno (Hulk), and it actually ran for five years (82 episodes).

TV Show Trading Card Front & Back (1979)

Colorforms (1979)
These are the same photos from the Colorforms post mentioned and linked above.

Hot Wheels (1976/78)
The vehicle with an image to view inside of it was part of a line called "Scene Machines."

Buddy L Hulk Cycle (1981)
I cannot locate a year on this one but I came across an advertisement of the motorcycle and other Marvel vehicles with a copyright of 1981 on it. There was a Hulk figure that attached to it as well and it could be purchased as part of a set with a Hulk-branded jeep and pick-up truck. It is 4" wide.

Mego Die-Cast Action Figure (1979)
This one is 5.25" tall.

Mego Pocket Super Heroes (1975)
The pocket hero line is primarily 3.75" action figures but Hulk looks a sliver taller.

Wallet (1978)

Pencil Topper
I'm fairly certain this Hulk head is a pencil topper though I'm not sure of the year (most likely from the '70s).

Playing Cards (1979)

Whitman Jigsaw Puzzle (1976)

Milton Bradley Board Game (1978)
Players control the Fantastic Four with the goal being to turn Hulk back into Dr. Banner by collecting four cards. 

Exercise Mat (1979)
Perhaps not the most exciting item but maybe rare as I've not been able to locate any images of it online. It was made by Sage-Pierce Products, Inc.

Miscellaneous Items
Here are a couple bonus food items that are newer than the '80s and do not appear in the video. PEZ doesn't put copyrights on its things but it began this style of packaging in the '90s so the dispenser isn't too old. The Hostess Cup Cakes are from 2008, a likely tie-in to the Edward Norton Hulk film. Being both Hulk and Halloween related, Hostess really should have made the creamy filling green!

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