Sunday, December 3, 2023

1993 Electronics Boutique December Catalog

Electronic Boutique's (EB) 72-page December 1993 catalog is eight pages larger than the 1992 holiday catalog and more than double the 1991 issue. The 16-bit gaming era was going strong at this time and there were more than Nintendo and Sega systems to cover. Surprisingly, the very first page is dedicated to the CD-i, complete with listings of the two non-Nintendo Zelda games. Fourteen pages are then dedicated to the Super NES followed by ten for the Sega Genesis, four of the Sega CD, and two for 3DO. Unfortunately for the Turbo Duo, it has to share a page with a handful of LCD handheld games. Of course, the Nintendo Entertainment System was still hanging around too and that got two pages, then four for Sega's Game Gear, and three for Nintendo's Game Boy. On page 42 the catalog moves to computer games which were quite popular as well. There are ten pages primarily covering PC games and then a variety of family, educational, and productivity software, plus some hardware. As is often the case, the last page and back cover are missing a portion because I cut a coupon off of it. 

In the past I've commented on the prices in these catalogs, such as comparing the highest prices then to today, though I've also read comments elsewhere stating EB was overpriced. I don't recall if it was or wasn't but it was a mall store so it likely did charge more than a Toys "R" Us would. Comparing EB to my mall's other two similar stores, I do remember Babbage's often having better deals and Software Etc. being the most expensive.

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