Monday, December 25, 2023

[YouTube] Sparking Santa Spinner

This is a spinner toy with a Christmas theme as it has what I believe is a sticker of Santa Claus on the center. It's made of metal and plastic, and requires users to press a plunger rapidly that pushes against a gear to spin the device, eventually causing sparks. I'm not sure when I received this toy but my best guess is late 1970s. The only markings I see on it are Kurt S. Adler Inc., New York and, much to my surprise, it turns out this company, which began in 1946, is still in business today and specializes in holiday products. While it's not the highest quality toy, it does still work, more or less, despite likely being 40+ years old. Trying to use one hand to spin it and the other to take photos of it in action was a bit challenging, and I opted to crop out my blurry hand so you only see the top piece in those pics. 

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