Sunday, January 14, 2024

Sega Champs Square Off in (Not-So-) Sunny Hawaii (Video Games & Computer Entertainment - April 1991)

Yesterday I posted Video Games & Computer Entertainment's (VG&CE) 1990 coverage of the Nintendo World Championships debut in Dallas, Texas. Not to be outdone by Nintendo, Sega hosted its own competition that same year. This three-page article from VG&CE's April 1991 issue details the Sega Genesis World Championship finals held in Honolulu, Hawaii on December 22, 1990. Unlike Nintendo, Sega didn't cater to all ages as the competitors were all college students who earned their spot in the finals by winning events held at American universities. There also weren't any special cartridges created for this event as Sega used the regular Genesis cartridges of Shadow Dancer, Mickey Mouse in the Castle of Illusion, and Joe Montana Football. The top prize was an Eagle Talon vehicle valued at $18,000.

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