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Joe Montana Quarterbacks Another Super Game (Sega Visions - Winter 1990/91)

This Sega Visions article is about signing Joe Montana to endorse -- and assist in the development of -- Sega's football video game for the Genesis. In addition to that, I'm adding the Sega Visions review, Sega football ads that can also be found on Facebook and Google Photos, and my annual Super Bowl prediction which I sometimes post about here or sometimes only mention in a "Let's Play" video on YouTube. While I'm not a football expert by any means and am only taking a final score guess for fun, I was actually only off by a point in last year's post (Kenner's Starting Lineup). I have mentioned Joe Montana games in a few other posts previously, and I opted to go with a Montana post here because of the Super Bowl matchup. Montana is, of course, one of the greatest 49ers players and one of the best quarterbacks of all-time. However, late in his career he played for the Kansas City Chiefs as well and appeared on multiple Sega video game covers in the Chiefs uniform.

Sega Visions - April/May 1991

In the early issues of Sega Visions the reviews read more like overviews than an actual review. You won't find much in the way of opinion as Sega was simply promoting Genesis games, its own and those of the third-party publishers, and it avoided being negative. Eventually it did start rating games on a numerical scale. I lightened the green background on this scan which is somewhat difficult to read in the actual magazine with black print against a dark green page.

Sega Ads

Super Bowl LVIII
This year the Chiefs haven't looked like the Super Bowl champions they were in the previous season but they still have the best QB in the NFL which is why they are in the big game yet again. The 49ers have a young QB with less than two years of NFL experience but a good defense and the better all-around team. I'm going to lean toward the better team over the better QB and predict a 31-20 49ers victory.

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  1. Shortly after posting this I looked up the previous Super Bowls and noticed my score guess matches the 2020 final score between these two teams, only with the opposite outcome. In Super Bowl LIV the Chiefs defeated the 49ers 31-20.