Sunday, April 28, 2024

[YouTube] Nerf Blast-A-Ball Game

Although typically written as Nerf, NeRF is actually an acronym that is short for "Non-Expanding Recreational Foam." It was invented by Reyn Guyer of Minnesota who pitched it to Parker Brothers as an indoor American football game. Parker Brothers purchased it but skipped the whole game part, initially only making a soft round ball. The basic ball released in 1969, a basketball hoop (Nerfoop) and foam football hit stores in 1972, and a baseball game in 1983. Through most of the '80s, Nerf was primarily a sports toy line that also included table tennis and indoor golf sets.

While Nerf calls it a game, Blast-A-Ball, which released in 1989, is basically a gun-like toy that launches a single ball at a time. Most likely any kids that owned this and had a brother or sister, used the ball launchers in sibling warfare. The instructions do reference shooting others in a game of tag, or using the blasters for target practice, golf, or a game of "Blast-Against-the-Wall." Included in the box are the instruction sheet, two multi-colored blasters, and four yellow balls. When firing a ball there is a loud "pop" sound and it does launch with a decent amount of force, traveling as far as 30 feet according to the box.

Hasbro acquired Parker Brothers in 1991 and while it does still manufacture Nerf sports products today, it produces more weapons in the Nerf line than anything else. My Blast-A-Ball box has a big mark on the front that I believe is from a shipping label.

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