Saturday, April 13, 2024

Behind the Screens: Taito (Electronic Gaming Monthly #19 - February 1991)

This is a four-page article that appeared in the pages of Electronic Gaming Monthly's (EGM) 19th issue published in February 1991. Although the header at the start of the article says "EGM Visits - Taito of America," most of the story is about Taito's business in Japan and its smart decisions throughout the '80s. One thing EGM appears to have wrong is the release year for Space Invaders. EGM states that it was released in 1979 and I believe it is referencing the Japanese release, but all sources, including Taito's corporate history page, have Space Invaders releasing in 1978.

This is the third Taito post on the blog with the first being the ads post (Taito of America) and the second being scans from a 1989 issue of Commodore Magazine about Taito's arcade to Commodore 64 ports. I should point out that the Facebook links on all the ads posts are broken because of a change Facebook must have made, sorry about that. The Google Photos links work and you can find the correct Facebook links under the "Game Ad Links" tab.

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