Tuesday, November 14, 2017

[YouTube] Batman Stuff ('70s/'80s/'90s)

I'm not entirely sure who my favorite comic book character was as a kid, though I'd guess a tie between Superman and Batman. Spider-man and Hulk were among my favorite Marvel characters but overall both were secondary to the DC heroes. In the late '80s when I started reading comic books on a regular basis I stuck with Batman; it didn't hurt that the character was getting a lot more attention in that time period with the Batman movies kicking off in 1989 and Batman: The Animated Series launching in 1992. I did purchase numerous Batman action figures and other related products during the '90s which remain sealed in their original packaging though I didn't think those would be too interesting to view in a video. Perhaps in the future I will do something for the blog with those but this video highlights only a few items.

In the video you'll see my Batman cape from Sears, a jigsaw puzzle, Colorforms, and a set of four Corgi toys from the '70s. I also flip through a 1986 pen-and-paper role-playing game book from Mayfair Games, take a look at a Whitman's item, and a Keepsake ornament from Hallmark. Below are photos of each one of those items as well as a variety of other products.

Batman cape from Sears (1977)

Batman Colorforms (1976) - Penguin's hat and umbrella are absent.

Batman Colorforms instructions.

Batman jigsaw puzzle form American Publishing Corp. (1973)

Batcopter & Batmobile Corgi vehicles (1976)
Penguin & Joker Corgi cars (1979)

Batman ornaments. I believe the one on the left is an unofficial
ornament as it has no markings (guessing it is from the '80s);
also the chest logo is updside down! On the right is a 1995
 Keepsake ornament from Hallmark.

Mayfair Games' Batman Source Book (1986); Happy House's
Batman Baffling Brainteasers (1983); Fisher Price's Batman
& Robin the Teen Wonder: The Case of the Laughing
Sphinx book + cassette (1982) 

Mayfair Games' Batman Source Book - Wayne
Manor Floorplan (1986)

Mayfair Games' Batman Source Book -
 Wayne Foundation Penthouse Floorplan

Mayfair Games' Batman Source Book - Wayne
Foundation Batcave Map (1986)

Mayfair Games' Batman Source Book -
 The Batcave Map (1986)

Three 1997 items from Whitman's: Batman Surprise Tin;
Batman bust with light, belt clip, and storage full of
chocolates; Batman Assorted Chocolates.

Playskool Batman wooden puzzles that are missing a number
of pieces (1976).

The Batman Game from University Games (1989)

Batman tissues (1991), Hot Wheels Batmobile (2015),
PEZ dispensers, pins, and a ring that likely came out
of a vending machine in the '80s.

Batman Beyond Valentine's Cards (2000);
Justice League Batman toothbrush (2004);
plastic Batmobile (1989) that is a movie
promotion from a box of cereal.
Batman napkins (1989); Kraft foods
promotion (1998); Kemco Dark Tomorrow
video game promotion figurine (2003)

Joker, Robin, & Penguin figurines
from Applause (1989)

A variety of items from Batman: The Animated
Series and The Adventures of Batman & Robin.

Franco-American Spaghettios label
with The Adventures of Batman & Robin
hologram on the flip side (1990).

Batman movie book and calendar.
Batman Returns cereal box (empty),
trading cards, and keychain.

Batman Forever items (there is cereal in the Corn Pops box)

Batman & Robin Eggo box and plate

Batman Walkie Talkie (1966); Batman symbol
that attaches to a specific flashlight; half of a
Batman flashlight (1974) though not the one
for the Batman symbol.

The last Batman product is something I really wanted to put in the video but it turns out I no longer have the items, only the box. I'm not sure why that is as I did have them when I was a kid. Unfortunately, I also appear to have stabbed the box with a pencil, though I still think the box is great to look at. It's for the Batman Executive Set from 1977 featuring a Joker stapler, Batman block calendar, and Batman pencil sharpener.

Batman Executive Set box front

Batman Executive Set box top side

Batman Executive Set box bottom side

That probably looks like a lot of Batman stuff but I'm sure many people have huge collections. It's not everything from my collection though, as I have some more books, magazines, trading cards, the aforementioned action figures from the '90s, and, of course, lots of comic books. This will be the largest post of the week since I don't have too many things related to the other Justice League characters. Also, there will be one more Batman video this week! Tune in tomorrow, same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!

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