Thursday, November 16, 2017

[YouTube] Superman & Wonder Woman Stuff ('70s/'80s/'90s)

When I was younger I was a big Superman fan though as I mentioned on Tuesday, I eventually moved more toward Batman. Both heroes often had similar toys as Mego, Corgi, and other companies would usually include DC Comics' most popular characters in each toy line. I decided to include Wonder Woman here as I had originally planned on including items with a few DC super heroes that are not Batman but then opted not to as I really don't have many things that don't involve the key three, though Captain Marvel does make an appearance here. I also didn't think I had enough Wonder Woman products for a separate video but maybe the few I show were enough. In any case, many super hero toys were released in the '70s and both Superman and Wonder Woman had a lot of success during the decade as the Superman movie starring Christopher Reeve released in 1978 while the Wonder Woman TV show starring Lynda Carter ran from 1975-1979.

In the video I show a four book set, a Superman Mix or Match book, movie action figures, a Mego doll and die-cast figure, a Remco toy, Corgi vehicles, two Playskool puzzles, a record, hand mirror, and two Hallmark ornaments. There are a few more items in the photos below but not too many beyond what was shown in the video.

Superman books from Random House (1980).
Random House's Superman books.

Superman: Last Son of Krypton from Warner Books (1978);
Bonanza Books' Superman book containing comic book reprints;
Superman Mix or Match Storybook from Random House (1978)

Remco's Energized Superman Instructions
Mego's Superman (1978)

Remco's Energized Superman (1979)
Remco's Energized Superman eyes on.

Mego Die-cast Superman (1979) holding
Superman and Wonder Woman

Mego Pocket Super Heroes (1979)

Wonder Woman hand mirror from
Avon (1978).
Wonder Woman hand mirror back.

Wonder Woman: The Return of Brunhilde
 from Power Records (1975).
Back of the Wonder Woman record sleeve
and record (1975).

Superman and Wonder Woman wooden puzzles from PlaySkool (1976).

Supervan from Corgi.
Supervan back view with doors open.

Supervan top view.
Supervan close-up top view.

Supermobile and Daily Planet vehicles from Corgi (1979).

Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman cars from Corgi (1979).

Hallmark's Superman Commemorative Edition lunchbox
Keepsake Ornament (1995); Hallmark's Superman Light &
 Motion Magic Keepsake Ornament (1995)

Hallmark's Superman Commemorative Edition lunchbox
Keepsake Ornament (1995); Hallmark's Superman Light &
 Motion Magic Keepsake Ornament (1995)

Wonder Woman PrestoMagix from Paper
-Mate (1978) -- 3 for $1 at Kaybee!
Wonder Woman PrestoMagix back.

Superman and Wonder Woman Kraft promotions (1998).

Superman movie trading cards from Topps, stickers from
 Ziploc (1982), and Lois & Clark television show trading
cards from Skybox (1995).

Although I love action figures, I think the ornaments and Playskool puzzles are my favorites here. The Mix or Match Storybook is great too and the Wonder Woman hand mirror might be the most unique super hero item I've got.

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