Saturday, September 1, 2018

Gaming Ads: Miles Computing, Milton Bradley, and Mindcraft Software

Miles Computing was a California-based publisher founded by Brett Miles in the early '80s. It appears to have released games for home computers between 1985 and 1991.

Named after its founder, Milton Bradley was established in 1860 and was based in Springfield, MA. It is, of course, best known for its board games, such as Twister, The Game of Life, and Connect Four. In 1978 it released the electronic game Simon which was invented by Ralph Baer (creator of the first video game console) and Howard Morrison. A year later Milton Bradley shipped the Microvision, the first handheld video game system to use interchangeable cartridges. The Microvision featured a small LCD screen that didn't hold up very well and the handheld was phased out after only a couple years in stores.

Milton Bradley bought out General Consumer Electronics in 1983 to acquire the Vectrex video game console that first released in 1982. Vectrex is an odd system in that it is built into its own small, monochrome monitor on which all of the games are played. In 1984 the Vectrex was discontinued and Milton Bradley was purchased by Hasbro. Between 1989 and 1990 Milton Bradley published a small number of games for home computers and the Nintendo Entertainment System. Milton Bradley was merged with Parker Brothers (acquired by Hasbro in 1991) and became Hasbro Games in 1998.

The California-based Mindcraft Software was founded by Ali Atabek in 1989. It developed and published strategy and role-playing computer games until at least 1993 with its most popular title being The Magic Candle which received two sequels. I cannot locate any information about when and why Mindcraft Software closed. There is a company by the same name operating today but I don't believe it is related in any way.

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